1990’s Fender Princeton 112 Plus Combo Amp


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The Fender PRINCETON 112 Plus amplifier presents the player with the best value of any channel switching amplifier in its price class. Besides the basic complement of VOLUME, TREBLE and BASS controls in the NORMAL channel, the DRIVE channel offers completely independent tone controls including Fender’s exclusive “CONTOUR” control. This control provides midrange “tone shaping” that will continuously vary your sound from smooth and bluesy to a punchy honk, or all the way to 10 for the ultimate heavy metal overdrive! The DRIVE channel also incorporates Fender’s innovative 11 smooth clipping” circuit. This circuit concept is designed to simulate the way tubes clip and produce the overdrive distortion sound so popular with musicians today. In addition to convenient features like All Front Panel Mounted Controls and Jacks, the PRINCETON 112 Plus offers exclusive exclusive multiplexed footswitch circuitry for selecting the DRIVE channel and for activating the lush internal reverb circuitry. Remote switching is accomplished by connecting the optional two-button footswitch to the FOOTSWITCH jack with a standard mono guitar or speaker cable. Also included are PREAMP OUTPUT and POWER AMP INPUT jacks that allow for a variety of external effects connection schemes and amplifier slaving configurations. The HEADPHONES jack automatically mutes the speaker in addition to driving Stereo or Mono headphones.

A great amp that sounds and performs amazing and is in great condition.

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Weight15 lbs
Dimensions24 × 24 × 12 in