Formula B Fuzz Rangers


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The Fuzz Rangers Pedal is born in collaboration with our Artists.
They asked for a Fuzz to cover many sounds, having the ability to “clean UP” when the volume of the guitar is ROLLED BACK and working good after the Wah-Wah.
Well… our Fuzz Rangers is ALL of this!
Two totally independent effects inserted in a single box.
FX ORDER can be selected using the inverter toggle switch F > B / B > F
With this toggle, you can choose if the Fuzz goes into the Boost or vice-versa, giving you lots of combinations and different tones under your feet.
On the left side, you have the FUZZ effect, powered with n.o.s. BC108 transistors and carbon layer resistors to get a warm and vintage tone as the early Arbiter Fuzz. Every component has been matched to work well, even with the boost effect engaged, having the minimum background noise as well.
The right side is occupied by the BOOST effect. The circuit is inspired by the famous RANGEMASTER and is calibrated to work together with Fuzz and other pedals in your chain, without having problems of polarity and power supply. (This is one of the reasons why we used Silicon transistors instead of Germanium ones).
Last but not least, we inserted an EQ switch to choose from 3 different frequencies cuts.
The pedal is entirely handmade in TODI – ITALY

It’s in very nice overall condition. Works great and includes original box

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