Rocktron Mike Orlando Signature Wah


Offered here by Aurora Music Co. in DeKalb IL. your Rocktron dealer is a Rocktron Mike Orlando Signature Wah

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Working with Mike, Rocktron developed three custom voiced settings for the Signature Wah, with the Classic setting with its “vintage” wah effect being the most used by Orlando. The Normal setting provides a more modern frequency sweep. The Bass setting is not only ideal for seven string guitars (as well as bass guitars), but also provides a new dimension to the standard wah effect on regular six string guitars.A wah “Mix” control allows the user to mix any amount of wah effect to the direct signal. When turned full to the “Wah” side, the wah effect is 100% in the signal. When turned to the “Clean” side, the wah effect is at the minimum amount of the mix. With the control at 12 o’clock, the wah effect and dry signal are at 50/50 mix.This mix feature is specifically designed for a more expressive use of the wah, other than simple “wah-wahing”, as it allows the player to add higher frequencies and lower frequencies to the overall tone, thus allowing the player to use it rhythmically as well rather than just for solo use.The Mike Orlando signature wah contains an easy access battery compartment. The Rocktron DC OnTap Universal Power Supply can also be used to power the wah.Like other Rocktron wah pedals, the Mike Orlando Signature Wah is stage ready. An adjustable rocker tension screw is provided that allows you to adjust the action for a lighter or heavier “touch”.

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