Virtual Jeff Pro – Digital Tremolo


This can be added to almost any electric stringed instrument, use your imagination and the possibilities are endless! Settings from 1 – 24 half-steps on two personalised whammys

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Create your own whammy style from mellow to metal and master the legacy whammy tricks.

Settings from 1 – 24 half-steps on two personalised whammys (Whammy A & B).
Luscious waggles, pitch-perfect bends or killer dive bombs with zero tuning hassles.

Virtual CAPO for instant capo up and down
Amazing HOLD and BLEND features for inspiring new sounds
Mini-Link wireless (2.4GHz) and Wired operation
Road tested and road tough
Virtual Jeff PRO moves the boundaries of creativity.

Ten second install with lifetime accuracy.

Perfect for solid bodies, archtops, acoustics, 7-8 string, bass, harp and keys. No limits.


Virtual Jeff Series 2
VJ PRO controller
Mini-Link 2.4GHz transmitter and strap clip
2 x Mounts, 2 x sets adhesive tape
Strap Clip and Adapter (requires 1 x Mount)
Carry case
Custom wired cable (13ft/4m) and wireless data cable (1ft/0.6m)
Power supply included (9Vdc, 300mA, negative center pin)
*Optional Hold/Blend Footswitch available separately

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Weight6 lbs
Dimensions24 × 20 × 6 in