Aurora Music Company Offers Full Service Guitar Repairs

Aurora Music Co offers everything from restringing to restoration to full custom builds. We can help with just about anything regarding your instruments. We can perform any repairs or mods to your guitar or bass. No job is too big or too small, music is our passion and guitars are our business!

Some Of Our Guitar Services Include:

  • Setups – new strings, set string height, adjust truss rod, adjust intonation, etc.
  • Cleaning scratchy/ noisy pots, switches etc.
  • Output jack replace/resolder
  • Repair/replace tuners
  • Repair/replace hardware
  • Fretwork – leveling, smoothing sharp fret ends, polishing
  • Electric mods – replacing pickups, modifying wiring for coil splitting etc., kill switches, push/pull pots
  • Floyd Rose, Kahler or other trem setups so they work as they should.

Revive an old family heirloom that you’d love to make playable and usable. Besides working on guitars and basses we can also help with your other stringed instruments. Have any questions regarding work on your instrument? call or bring it by, we’ll be happy to help.